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Dan Taylor


New look ZED70 hits the Goldfields

The ZED70 had some new graphics applied to make it stand out more as a battery electric vehicle, before we showcased it at the WA Goldfields Digger & Dealers forum.

… Yes, we are really starting to turn some heads as people now tend to double take as the silent electric LandCruiser glides past them on the streets.

As a round-up of Diggers and Dealers;

We drove in on Sunday 1st August, a day ahead of the event, and were greeted by the clear blue skies of Coolgardie.

See LinkedIn post for the commentary;
Monday had us locating the EV at chargers on Kalgoorlie’s Hannan Street and showing the ZED70 to people, with some having a test drive.

See LinkedIn post for the commentary;
The charging at “The View on Hannans” highlighted an interesting “flaw” in the PlugShare App, in that some Tesla marked chargers are actually not Tesla plugs (the flaw in PlugShare) but are in fact Type 2 plugs.

Although we brought this to PlugShare’s attention, their feedback is that although they agree that their plug type listing is incorrect, they are required to keep the listing the same due to a bureaucratic clause/agreement with Tesla!

Whilst in the WA Goldfields, Oliver took the ZERO Automotive ZED70 for a run out to Broad Arrow, north of Kalgoorlie.  The low traffic, flat run presented a good field test opportunity to confirm the power consumption at the 110km/hr cruising speed.

See LinkedIn post for the commentary;
We wrapped up with a shout out thank you to the team at Westauz Mining Pty Ltd for their support in the WA Goldfields, in particular throughout our stay during Diggers & Dealers.

See LinkedIn post for the commentary;
But that’s not where the D&D activity ended for us 😊 … Several people noticed the ZED70 on the streets of Kalgoorlie, and some have since reached out as a step in changing for a better future …

See LinkedIn post for the commentary;

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