Because doing better for the environment
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From little things, big things grow. For us, that starts with what we’re good at, vehicles.

About ZERO Automotive

Adelaide based company ZERO Automotive was founded in 2018 to provide a solution for the mining industry’s demand for zero-emission light vehicles required for mining operations, particularly underground.

The powerful new ZERO Automotive V2 (version two) ZED70 Ti vehicle is based on the Toyota 79 series LandCruiser, with Barminco being the first customer to accept delivery. Utilising the latest and best-in-market Toshiba LTO battery technology, Zero Automotive has an uncompromising objective to build world’s safest and toughest electric underground light vehicle.

The ZED70 Ti V2 features an increase in power of 50% (compared to V1) and a peak motor torque of 1200Nm. The ZED70Ti will fully charge in under 30 minutes utilising DC fast charging infrastructure or can accept standard three phase 22kW charging from commercial infrastructure.

Another ZERO Automotive first is the new proprietary HEPS (Hazardous Environment Protection System) underbody armour protection. The system will help to dramatically increase the longevity and safety of the vehicle’s chassis in corrosive underground conditions. ZERO will also be offering this as an upgrade to current diesel vehicles.

ZERO Automotive is now entering the commercialisation phase of setting up its business operations to become a vehicle driveline supplier to Australian and international vehicle assemblers.

Safety by Design

ZERO Automotive understands the mining industry’s Safety First mantra which has lead our design process in every aspect of the V2 ZED70.

One of the core elements to our Safety First design process is the use of the TOSHIBA batteries.

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Durability longevity low cost of maintenance are crucial elements to having a commerically viable BEV.

Built to Last

Reliability is in our blood, we want our customers to trust our products completely, so that they get on with their own work. That’s why our solutions are built to last.

Instilling Confidence

It’s no accident we started our own journey to Zero on the toughest, most reliable 4WD workhorse on the market. We want to give our customers the peace of mind that our product work for them, not the other way round.

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