Because doing better for the environment
is doing better for our future

From little things, big things grow. For us, that starts with what we’re good at, vehicles.

Our Philosophy

We believe in doing better for our future.
And that future involves making better decisions
for our environment.

In the mining industry, that’s not an easy journey to start.
We decided we wanted to help kick start that journey by
providing a small, simple and meaningful step toward a
Zero-emissions future.

So we created an Australian-built, solar chargeable,
underground-ready, battery electric light vehicle (bELV).
So that passionate leaders can demonstrate progress,
and mining companies can start their journey to Zero.

At ZERO Automotive, everything we do strives to get people started on their journey to Zero emissions.

Safety by Design

Safety risk reduction and peace of mind are important to us and the way we design and develop our products.

That’s why our solutions are designed from the ground-up with safety in-mind.

Check out the ZED70 Ti


We want all our products to come with a peace of mind that only comes when the little things matter. Like our cars, we’re reliable, we sweat the details and make sure the little things are taken care of.

Built to Last

Reliability is in our blood, we want our customers to trust our products completely, so that they get on with their own work. That’s why our solutions are built to last.

Instilling Confidence

It’s no accident we started our own journey to Zero on the toughest, most reliable 4WD workhorse on the market. We want to give our customers the peace of mind that our product work for them, not the other way round.

Check out our battery technologies

With alternative procurement options like trucks and loaders sitting well-over $1M, bELVs become an attractive and very ‘felt’ change within the on-site workforce.

Dave Mitchell – Founder.