ADR-Approved Zero Emissions Drive 4x4ADR-Approved Zero Emissions Drive 4x4

Zero Emissions Drive | Easy, Flexible Charging |
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The original and the most affordable start on your journey to Zero emissions. Proudly assembled here in Australia, the ZED70 is built tough, safe and reliable.

ADR-Approved Zero Emissions Drive 4x4 battery status

Attention to Detail

To achieve Safety by Design, from the battery technology through to the parts used and the way our batteries are housed within the vehicle, we’ve left no stone unturned in our attempts to make a safe, reliable and renewable workhorse for any application.


ADR allows the vehicle to be driven on public roads. ADR provides operators with assurance that the vehicle meets Australian safety standards.

ADR Approved ZED70
ADR-Approved Zero Emissions Drive 4x4 rear battery box

Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese (NCM) Battery

Similar to most batteries found in the electric vehicle market today, the ZED70 features a low-cost NCM battery that keeps this vehicles market entry price as low as possible.

Safety Risk Reduction

At ZERO Automotive, we’re committed to Safety by Design. The ZED70 NCM battery design features a boxed enclosure for added safety and risk reduction.

Battery Technologies

Peace of Mind

We’ve thought through a wide range of charging solutions that will keep the ZED70 on the road. Range anxiety is a thing of the past with clear battery range monitoring.

Charging Solutions

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Australian Design Rules approved underground-ready ZED70 Ti battery electric light vehicle electric drivetrain location

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Technical Specifications

About the ZED70

Base vehicle
Chassis & Cab

Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series


Dual Cab 5 | Single Cab 2


Aluminium Tray | Galvanised Steel Tray




3 Phase Asynchronous with regenerative braking

Emissions Control

Zero emissions


134W(peak) | 75W(cont.)


700Nm(peak) | 358Nm(cont.)



Batteries (LTO)

88 kWh

Depth of Discharge


Effective Battery Capacity

75 kWh

Life Cycle

1,200 Cycles (~360,000kms) to 80% State of Health

415V 3-phase Charge Time

4.5 hrs

DC - DC Charge Time

~80% Charge in 1 hour

Electrical (LTO)
Tractive System Voltage



22kW On-board Charger - 415VAC 3-Phase Supply

DC - DC Fast Charging

~80kW - External Charger

Low Voltage Battery

Toyota | 12V Lead Acid

Suspension & Drive-train
Transfer Case

Toyota | 1:1, 1:2.41

Front Suspension

Toyota | Coil Spring

Rear Suspension

Toyota | Leaf Spring

Differential Ratios

Toyota | 3.909, 4.1, 4.3


Hydraulic Electric Pump


Toyota | Hydraulic Disc Brakes


6kW HV Battery Powered Unit

Air-Conditioning Compressor

1kW HV Battery Powered Unit

Electrical Safety Systems

Isolator Switch

Manual Service Disconnect

Battery Management System

Automatic Electrical Isolating Contractors

Multiple Mechanical HV Isolators

Fast Acting Fusable Links


Vehicle System Display

6° multimedia display, showing critical vehicle parameters

Battery Box Protection

3mm Steel + Polyurea Coating + 1.6mm Stainless Bash Plates

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Try the ZED70 Ti

Our LTO-powered, underground-mining-ready, battery electric light vehicle (bELV) is here.

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Australian Design Rules approved underground-ready ZED70 Ti battery electric light vehicle

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