LTO and NCM battery chemistriesLTO and NCM battery chemistries

Turnkey Solutions

The ZED70 provides a platform for Toyota LandCruisers to join the journey toward Zero emissions.

Our turnkey solution for operations trying to eliminate scope 1 emissions while reducing operating costs.

With components rigorously tested and validated within a mining application.

Water Ingress
Medium/low pressure water applied No issue presented
Driven through LV wash bay No issue presented
Driven -400mm deep puddle No issue presented
Plugged-in charged in heavy rain No issue presented
Battery Suitability and Validation
Battery Comparisons (NMC, LTO, NCM) LTO As preferred battery
Puncture Tests (10T) Heat, gases & fumes detected, little/none in LTO
Overheating Tests (via thermal lance) NMC Weakest, LTO most resilient
Short-circuiting Tests NCM combusted, LTO no reaction
Thermal Runaway Tests LTO most resilient Lithium battery
Battery Range and Management
Effective Range 60kW LTO Li-Ion Battery with 98% depth of discharge
Suitable Range Display Heads Up Display - Underground use Aligned with time left rather than km
Range resilience testing Single battery charge
Zero-emission charging Successfully charged from solar/battery array (no grid connection )
Regen For decline Speed Holding
Validate with regen possible Vehicle successfully set to hold at 30km/hr for 1 in 6 decline